Welcome would like to support schools in attending the needs and opinion of everyone, enhancing the voices that are at risk of getting lost.

In a big and crowded school some voices may get lost.

Such loss could be connected to many different factors and get in the way of students being able to express their needs and participate in their own learning.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) stated that all children have the right to be heard and to be taken seriously, highlighting the need to support students, and the students’ families, actively participating in the process of setting their own educational and developmental outcomes.


Which problems may the school face?

Selective Mute – students that are able to express themselves verbally but they choose not to, due to psychological, social, or emotional reasons;

Extremely Quiet/Shy – students that may have low self-esteem or are covering their difficulties and passing “under the radar” of school support system;

Language barriers – students that are new to the country, or that do not speak English as a first language, or that may experience other kind of language difficulties;

Families not been heard – difficulties in communicating with the families, school struggling to collect information from the home environment;

Staff level of training – school requesting specific training in how to best elicit the voice of the students and their families.

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