Welcome would like to help schools identify students or families that may be at risk of social exclusion and improve their opportunity to positively take part into school social life.

All students should feel to that they belong to the school’s environment.

Struggling to create or maintain friendships, feelings of loneliness, or needing time to adjust to a new group are quite common difficulties that students may experience in any learning environment.

Schools have the challenging task to enable people with different identities to be in relationship with each other and fully participate in activities, avoiding exclusion or alienation of specific individuals or families.


Which problems may the school face?

Marginal or Invisible – students that for different reasons may have not established relationships with peers or lack in participation;

Rejected – students or families that due to particular characteristics are not liked, avoided, criticised or excluded by others;

Bullying – social exclusion is at risk of evolving into bullying if actions include hostile or provocative behaviour, imbalance of power, repetition and creation of distress;

Families not engaging – school often struggle to engage with specific families that for different reasons may avoid contact and miss communication opportunities;

Staff promoting inclusion – teachers or other members of staff may feel that they need extra guidance in being able to promote a more social inclusive practice.

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