Welcome focus on prevention and early help of students, supporting schools in identifying difficulties at an early stage and providing functional alternatives.

Behaviour is a very effective channel of communication.

Students displaying challenging behaviour are not ‘naughty or bad’ but may use their actions to express a struggle, distressing issues, or something they may not be able to explain through words.

It is important that schools, being the place where students often spend majority of their time, are able to explore the meaning of such behaviours together with the families, addressing difficulties and avoiding the escalation of problems.


Which problems may the school face?

Risk of exclusion – school having difficulties to ensure safety or manage the behaviour of a particular student, starting to consider a referral to a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) or a permanent exclusion;

Group behavioural difficulties – particular group of students that experience difficulties in regulating their behaviours, have issues around bullying, or raise concerns in terms of safety in the community, e.g. gangs or sexual exploitation;

Mental health concerns – students that may have experienced or witnessed traumatic experiences, violence, abuse, or prolonged neglect and need extra support;

Issues of Safety – students that with their behaviour are putting themselves or others at risk of emotional or physical harm, e.g. throwing dangerous objects across the room while having a meltdown.

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