PLUTO – Multiple Explorations

This programme is for schools that would like to assess different groups to gather a better understanding of the nature of the same issues in different settings.


Levels of Intervention: from 1 to 5

Sessions: 6 (3 direct work, 3 admin) +2 sessions for each additional group

Time-Frame: within 3 months





The SENCo is concerned about the fact that the Year 6 students in the SEN register seem to experience social difficulties, especially at breaks and lunch time; the teachers describing them as ‘isolated’ and not able to create ‘positive friendships’.


Aims of the Programme:

To assess groups’ dynamics in different classrooms and identify possible social difficulties.


Organisation of the Welcome Programme:

1) School got in contact by email briefly describing the nature of concerns;

2) First consultation + theme identification, e.g. ‘SEN students often out of class’;

3) Agreement on assessing classes dynamics and generate relevant recommendations;

4) Classrooms observation + meetings with staff at school + training for web platform + implementing online questionnaires;

5) Written reports of the activity + feedback meetings with staff.


What is provided:

  • At least three direct sessions (half day each) at school, increased depending on the amount of groups to be assessed;
  • Access to the Web Platform for all identified classrooms;
  • Comprehensive report of the activity, personalised for each group assessed. | PLUTO – Multiple Explorations
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