JUPITER – Exploration & Implementation

This programme covers all different levels and is for schools that would like to first assess a presented issue and then implement an intervention to address related outcomes.


Levels of Intervention: from 1 to 8

Sessions: 14 (9 direct work, 5 admin)

Time-Frame: 6/8 months (two academic terms)





Different parents who are new to the country and speak English as an Additional Language (EAL) have claimed not being able to understand given homework nor to communicate with class teachers, this having an impact on their ability to support their children.


Aims of the Programme:

To take in account parental concerns & implement a program targeted for EAL families.


Organisation of the Welcome Programme:

1-2) Contact to describe nature of concerns + consultation + theme identification;

3) Agreement on assessing parents/staff views and generate recommendations;

4) Meetings with staff/parents at school + implementing online questionnaires;

5) Written report of the activity + feedback meeting with staff;

6-7) Action plan agreement: one day workshop & four supervision sessions for staff;

8) Regular evaluation of outcomes + final report + feedback meeting with staff.


What is provided:

  • Nine direct sessions (half day each) at school with at least 1 member of the team;
  • Access to the Web Platform for online questionnaires & measuring outcomes;
  • Comprehensive reports of both assessment & program implemented.
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