Welcome consider diversity a priceless treasure, supporting schools and other organisations to embrace it and use it as a resource for the community.

We currently live in an era of diversity and migration.

Schools in London often present high levels of multiculturalism and have to support students and families that may present differences in terms of language, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, and much more.

This certainly presents aspects of complexity that schools need to be equipped to face, adapting their processes to the population and promoting equal opportunities for all students in spite of all their differences.


Which problems may the school face?

Experiences of racism or discrimination – students or families that are not treated equally due to their race, ethnicity, religion or other aspects of diversity;

Linguistic or cultural barriers – students or families that because of English as an Additional Language (EAL) may be excluded from decisions or resources;

Gender identity – students that are questioning their gender or undergoing a process of transition and need understanding and support from family and school;

Staff not skilled on diversity – teachers and other members of staff willing to expand their knowledge promoting a “culturally competent” practice;

Socio-political discourses – events such as Brexit and episodes of public violence or discrimination on the media can have distressing effect on students and families.


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