Areas of Intervention

We believe that the emotional well-being of students should be schools’ highest priority.

Feeling safe and positively belonging to the school environment is a key aspect for thriving and fulfilling learning potential.

The Welcome Project, through its pilot, has identified four areas of intervention that students, parents, and teachers considered the most relevant ones in terms of contributing to the overall well-being of students:

Welcome would like to support schools in attending the needs and opinion of everyone, enhancing the voices that are at risk of getting lost.

Welcome would like to help schools identify students or families that may be at risk of social exclusion and improve their opportunity to positively take part into school social life.

Welcome focus on prevention and early help of students, supporting schools in identifying difficulties at an early stage and providing functional alternatives.

Welcome consider diversity a priceless treasure, supporting schools and other organisations to embrace it and use it as a resource for the community. | Areas of Intervention
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