Approach & Tools

Welcome APPROACH is based on…

1. systemic ideas of curiosity and voice entitlement – all students and their families have the right to be heard avoiding any discrimination;

2. promotion of all students and families positively belonging to the community, supporting most vulnerable ones from risks of exclusion;

3. early-help approach, reducing problematic behaviours or negative labels and building safe channels of expression.

4. being dynamic, flexible and culturally competent, transforming complexity in one of our most valuable assets.

Examples of Welcome INTERVENTIONS

Training – accessing specific workshops to discuss difficulties and share examples of good practice, for example:

  • how to elicit the voice of students;
  • recognising early difficulties – working on prevention.
  • Staff supervision – offering confidential sessions for members of staff to discuss personal or emotional reactions to challenging contexts.

    Family sessions – offering a short series of family sessions at school to explore challenges, new narratives, and promote positive change.

    Group Activities – specific intervention tailored to promote a healthy inclusion of students and families, drawing on their areas of interest or particular skills, e.g. creation of Students Welcome Committee.


    These are the main tools that We\come CIC uses to conduct our explorations. | Approach & Tools
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